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Misplaced energy intrusions can become imbedded in the physical body and can result in physical, mental 

and emotional illness. These intrusions can set up energy blockages and imbalances that not only create 

illness, but also lead to addictions, loss of personal power and dysfunctional relationships. They sometimes 

become entities that attain their own consciousness.

Using a shamanic extraction process in combination with Reiki, I will remove the intrusion, neutralize it 

and then replace it with white healing light (Dai Komyo). This can also include chakra clearing and 

balancing, as well as vibrational healing through drumming and singing bowls, thus allowing you to 

heal and experience life more fully once again.


This includes a pre- and post-session discussion and consultation.


For thousands of years and across many diverse cultures, Shamans have undertaken journeys on behalf 

of others. Using my guides and the realms of Lower, Upper and Middle Worlds, I will journey on your 

behalf to help you answer a question, find root causes or solutions to a problem, or to seek a power animal 

for you to work with.


This includes a written summary of the journey.


Sometimes souls who have transitioned get stuck, either here on the earthly plane or in-between realms. 

If you have a loved-one or friend who has transitioned, or an ancestor you are curious about, I will use my

 guides to journey, find where they are, ask any questions you have of them, and if they are stuck somewhere 

ask if they are happy where they are at. If not, I can, with their permission, escort them to either the Upper 

or Lower World.



Soul retrieval work is based on the concept that when an individual experiences trauma, a part of the essence 

or soul leaves the physical body, seeking refuge and safety. The reason for this is self-preservation. As an 

example, if you were in a severe car accident the shock might be so overwhelming that you wouldn’t survive 

if a portion of your essence didn’t leave and seek refuge in a safe place. Unfortunately, many times that soul’s 

part does not return and so you wind up feeling incomplete, ungrounded, and have trouble coping or have 

the feeling of not being fully present.

The trauma that initiates this can be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual trauma. What might be trauma 

to one individual might not be to another. For example, a student at school might feel humiliated by a teacher’s comments in front of the class whereas another student might not even give it a second thought. 

My job as a shamanic practitioner is to journey on your behalf and with your permission to find that missing 

soul part, convince it that it is safe to return and reunite it with you. Your job as the client is to be present in 

the process and then to do follow-up work to ensure you remain whole.

This is considered spiritual healing work. It is not psychotherapy and does not replace working with a psychotherapist or a medical doctor.




Shamanism is not meant to replace conventional medicine or psychiatric care but should be used as a complementary option along with them as conditions require.

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